Zinc Base Alloys ZA-8 and ZA-12
Precision Castings from ounces to 15 Lbs.
Sizes up to 10" wide, 15" long, or as deep as 4"
Complete graphite mold-making and machining in house
Custom Vertical Casting Machines
Less than 1 Lb. to 2400 Lb. Brass and Bronze
Up to 250 LB. Aluminum Castings
500 Lb. Zinc Alloy Castings
Quantities from one piece to thousands
Engineered Casting Excellence since 1956
Quality, Service & Value
For over a half a century, Albco Foundry has been
dedicated to providing the best quality products at
competitive prices.  Our facility can supply your
complete foundry requirements in zinc-aluminum
graphite permanent mold castings, aluminum and
copper based alloy sand castings.
230 West Maple Street
Lisbon, Ohio • 44432
TEL  (330) 424-7716
FAX  (330) 424-7698
Graphite  Permanent  Mold
Sand  Casting
CNC Machining
Hunter automatic molding machines
Near net shapes with superior surface finish